Lockton Charitable Association are once again pleased to offer you the chance to participate in the Grand National Sweepstake

The 2023 Grand National is on Saturday 15th April. Win cash and support the Lockton Charitable Association.

This year we will be running a Syndicated Sweepstake for Lockton Teams, Partners and Associates.

Read below for entrance rules and prizes.

Syndicated Sweepstake Rules

  • Each Horse running in the Grand National is split up into at least 10 parts.
  • Purchasing 1 part will cost £5.
  • Entrants can purchase either:
    • 1 part in a horse*
    • 2 or more parts in the same horse*
    • 1 or more parts spread across several horses* (i.e. 3 parts in total, but spread one each in three separate houses)

Winnings & Charity money

  • The total pot raised is to be split between:
    • The Winning horse (35%)
    • Second place (15%); and
    • Lockton Charitable Association (50%).

If all 40 horses x 10 parts are sold, the prize pot will equate to £2,000. Each part purchased in the winning horse will return c.£70 and each part purchased in the second place horse will return c.£30.

Note: If fewer parts are sold, then winnings will be reduced proportionately. The total pot will be announced on the same day as allocating the horses.

Allocating Your Horses

The closing date for entries is 13th April 2023.

The allocation of parts of horses will take place on 14th April 2023.

The set of runners due to run on Friday 14th April 2023 will be used for random allocation to entrants. That day you will receive an email noting to which horse your ‘part’ or ‘parts’ have been allocated.

Late withdrawals: Please note, once the horses have been allocated to entrants on 14th April 2023, should any horse subsequently withdraw from the race, a new horse will not be allocated. Such withdrawn horse shall be deemed a non-winning horse.

Prize money will be awarded the week following the race (w/c. 17th April 2023).

Enter Now

Please Enter Now by filling in the short form below and clicking the "Continue" button. This will reserve the number of parts selected, before going to PayPal to make your payment.

Entrant Rules

The promoter of this sweepstake is the Lockton Charitable Association. Entries are Non-Transferable.

  • Please note: the sweepstake is only for Associates and Partners based in the UK of:
    • Lockton Companies LLP
    • Lockton Re LLP
    • Omnyy LLP

It is not available for associates based in Republic of Ireland due to the UK sweepstake rules and Charity regulations.

External entries to Lockton are also not permitted.

I'm sorry entry to the sweepstake has now closed.